Ashkan Shahriari

Ashkan Shahriari was born in 1993. He started his music training with piano lessons when he was 12 years old, later at the age of 15 he started his professional practice with Tar, an Iranian traditional musical instrument. His affection to professional education of music led him to study in academia. In 2012, Shahriari was accepted at the University of Tehran to study musical performance with a focus on performing Tar and in 2016 he graduated with a bachelor degree. During his education he has been mentored by Master Dariush Talaei, a prominent educator of the fourth generation of Radif players. Ashkan Shahriari has also been tutored by Sasan Fatemi on culture and music of ethnic communities in Iran. He has also received education by Hooman Assadi on ancient musicology of Iranian, Arabic and Turkish domain.

Despite his academic training in musical performance, Ashkan has seized the opportunity to acquire knowledge in several aspects of being a musician. During 2009-2011 Amir Eslami educated him in composition and In 2018 he participated in a course by Ehsan Zabihifar which focused on composition based on rhythmic modes with respect to its roots in Arabian and classical Turkish music. In more recent times, Ashkan has pursued his long time interest in Persian literature. During 2018 and 2019 he has developed and performed several storytelling performances. In these performances he is inspired by ethnic musicians, specially “Bakhshi” musicians in Khorasan province of Iran. Currently Ashkan dedicates most of his endeavours to apprise Iranian culture and music to a wider audience.