Florin Gorgos

Florin Gorgos Born in Chisinau-Moldavia in 1995, He started his musical studies at the age of 6, which saw him moving in his search for knowledge through institutions such as O.Bancila Arts College, G.Enescu University of Arts (Bachelor in Composition Graduated in 2018), and in present he is a student at MDW. Throughout his development he had the opportunity to study composition and some of the new musical currents with teachers such as Ciprian Ion (RO), Kevin Malone (U.S.A), John LeGrove (U.K), Sabin Pautza (RO/U.S.A), R.Karger (AT) and M.Lichtfuss (AT).
Florin also holds a passion for the jazz music, as he activated as an arranger and pianist for several jazz-bands in his teenage years. This passion has materialised itself in the last years through writing for Big-Bands : C.U.B.E Project – Beatles Re-Imagined (2019, A.T), M.A.O Masterclass Budapest (2019, HU), Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band Concert – Porgy&Bess (2019) and for Films : Eu Geniu, Cioclea (2017, RO), Audite (2018-2019 AT).
At the present time, Florin is pursuing his eclectic musical directions, while being a student at MDW and collaborating with various artists from different areas of interest.