Ghazal Faghihi

Ghazal Faghihi born on March 21th 1994 in Mashhad, Iran. She started learning Music at the age of 10 in the Orff approach class and then continued with playing the piano. But until the age of 17, she didn’t choose music as her career. 

Since then she dedicated her life to playing the clarinet. She studied her Bachelor at the University of Tehran where she mostly had lessons with a great flutist and Alexander Technique teacher, Azin Movahed,  due to the lack of professional clarinetists in Iran. This situation led her to find her way to learn from different kinds of musicians and solve a technical problem by concentrating on the connection between body and mind when she’s playing by being aware of it which she learned from Alexander Technique. She also studied clarinet with a Golnar shaari during her Bachelor’s.  For pursuing her master she moved to Boston and studied Clarinet under prof. D. Martins at Boston University. Ghazal also had lessons with prof.Robert DiLutis and prof.Elsa.Verdehr during her residency in the US. She recently moved to Belgium to study with Eddy Vanoosthuyse at the Ghent Royal Conservatory. 

She believes that as person among the people we could not isolate ourselves with music or even just art but it’s important to be aware of the daily life of people around us and it’s the only way that helps artists to not be separate from their people. As a clarinet student she tries to get experience in different paths in music to find her eventual area in music which could connect her career to her general concerns. 

During her study she collaborated with a violinist and the pianist and that trio was a success to get 1st place in the University of Tehran Chamber music competition. This trio also tries to explore and play less known repertoire for this combination. Ghazal also was a member of Time’s Arrow new music ensemble under prof.Rodney Lister during her study at Boston University. She also gave recitals in Tehran and Boston and plays with the Boston University wind Ensemble and Orchestra.