Namdar Majidi

Namdar Majidi is a cellist and pedagogue with ties to contemporary music and chamber music, who was born in 1996 in Tehran. Along with solo and chamber music performances in different genres with various Ensembles, he has a dedication to modern music for cello. In the journey for realizing his concept of the relationship between modern music and society, he held many solo performances in Tehran, Salzburg, Vienna and Bayern including Dialog festival, Alte Schmiede and Tehran contemporary music festival. His career as a Pedagogue extends from Vienna to Tehran with teaching at “Academia Musica Vienna” and workshops at different institutions in Tehran.
He started to learn music at a young age with Nazar brothers and learning the cello with Masoud Nazar and Mohsen Toyserkani. He began Developing his career with joining the Christian David Quartet and Austro-Iraninan Symphony Orchestra as principal cellist followed by a tutti position in Tehran Symphony Orchestra. Namdar studied cello and chamber music with Christian Schulz, Wolfgang Buxbaum, Wolfgang Aichinger, Walther Schulz, Wolfgang Panhofer and Elisabeth Meissl-Pfefferkorn. He studies Violoncello IGP at the University for Music and performing arts Vienna with a module for conducting ensemble and choir.