Nava Hemyari

Nava Hemyari studied electroacoustic composition from 2012 to 2017 at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW), practicing for the most part algorithmic composition and thereafter, has been composing in new arrangements. During the latter period she wrote pieces for organ, which Wolfgang Kogert performed it at Wiener Hofburgskapelle and ORF Radiokulturhaus.

In 2015 Nava started experimenting with her voice – rather a high soprano. She wrote some pieces for it and performed them and also sang in several performances of works of her colleges and of other composers. What she earlier had used to find most delightful about music and its apprehension was the inherently speculative nature of it. Void of language and visuals, music allows far more varied interpretations than artistic works dependent on anything beyond sound, equally for lack thereof altogether, for being admitted as a blank presence. Having several times performed her pieces and seen them performed by others in front of an audience, she newly found it charming to think of utilizing the two others for more concrete artistic ideas, looking for more concrete influences on the audience. Along with writing songs, Nava has been for a while using text as a formal structure for algorithmic compositions, seeking sound colours conceptually fitting the text. She has also independently written and directed three short films and a music video. Nava has been admitted to the Viennese Film Academy and the University of Fine Arts in Vienna and is pursuing her work in a vaster medium.

Nava’s pieces and installations have been performed in VLAK gala, Wiener Konzerthaus, Echoraum, Salzburge Künstlerhaus, Schoenberg Center and ORF Funkhaus.