Oskar Gigele

Oskar Gigele was born in Vienna, Austria on May 27th 1994 and started making music at an early age. With his father also being a composer, he gained precious insight into the life and struggles of a professional musician. But it wasn’t until he became a member of the Vienna Boys’ Choir in 2003 where he sang as an alto soloist for many years that he discovered his own passion for writing music.
At first it developed very slowly but he was determined enough to write great music that he kept going for many years without composing a single piece of music that he felt confident about.
After leaving the Vienna Boys’ choir he attended the Musikgymnasium Wien (Music Highschool Vienna) where he graduated with honors in June 2013. He never stopped trying to find his very own path in writing music until one day he got the idea to compose a song based on a poem a friend had given him. The piece was finished in just eight days and for the first time in his life he was satisfied with what he had written and was overcome by a rush of love and tranquility.
He started working more on his style of writing and seized the opportunity to study composition and music theory at  the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where he is currently working on finishing his ‘’Magister Artium’’ (master of arts) degree.

“To me composing is to restore my peace of mind, to mend to my own pain in being alive on this planet. I believe that us creators bear the responsibility to show people the light that still is in our world and share with them our peace of mind, to move their hearts and ultimately heal their souls.’’