Soundpost #6

You can listen to the piece “Evening, night, morning” by the Austrian composer Oskar Gigele and an interview with him in our new episode of INMUAS podcast. Roberta Lazo Valenzuela hosts the interview, in which Oskar shares interesting insights into his new piece – its idea, structure and the process of composing.   The piece is originally written as 3 songs for voice and piano and then arranged for clarinet and string quartet*, as it is recorded in our podcast. In the new episode of INMUAS Soundpost Oskar reveals what is important for him in composing and expressing himself in general, as well as his thoughts on vocal music and many different musical genres.
INMUAS soundpodsts are online on many platforms such as Spotify, Anchor, Apple and others.

*“Night“ arranged by Armin Sanayei

Sarvin Hazin – violin
Eirini Krikoni – violin
Loredana Apetrei – viola
Peter Joyce – clarinet
Namdar Majidi – violoncello

Post-production: Stepan Sobanov
Producer: Florin Gorgos

Cover Design: Lilia Kirilova

Soundpost #5

In the new episode of “INMUAS” soundpost you can hear the piece “La spada di Damocle” of the composer, conductor and clarinet player Peter Joyce. In the soundpost, he explains the story behind this piece, what inspired him, the reason he chose this name and many more interesting stories about masterclasses and musical experiences, that Peter shares. This episode is hosted by Roberta Lazo Valenzuela, produced by her and Florin Gorgos and the music post-production is made by Stepan Sobanov.
Peter Joyce is an active composer, conductor, clarinet and saxophone player. The ensembles and projects he takes part in present different kinds of music – from jazz and classical to contemporary music. The soundpost is available on numerous platforms such as Spotify, Anchor, Apple podcast and more.

Host: Roberta Lazo Valenzuela

Producers: Roberta Lazo Valenzuela
Florin Gorgos

Post-production: Stepan Sobanov 

Cover Design: Lilia Kirilova

Soundpost #4

In our fourth Sound-post we take a deeper look into Oskar Gigele’s new piece – “Er liebt sie” and get to know some of the protagonists behind the realisation and premiere of the new composition. The piece is performed by Nava Hemyari, Voice and Maria Bunea, guitar. In the soundpost you can find out what inspires Oskar and Nava, their favorite directors and movies, how the piece was composed, how the pandemic affected their daily life and much more. This soundpost is also available as video – you can watch it now on YouTube. 

Soundpost #3

In the third episode of our soundpost you can hear two pieces for clarinet. They are composed by Roberta Lazo Valenzuela and Oskar Gigele and performed by Ghazal Faghihi. 
Here is what the composers say about their pieces:

“A matter of choice”   is a piece for clarinet solo based on a phone conversation with my mom. The melodic and rhythmic material is drawn from a single phrase that briefly reflects on women, career and personal life.”Roberta Lazo Valenzuela

„The Cat and the Cricket“ is a funny piece. Initially I wanted to just explore the clarinet’s technical capabilities. But then I got inspired by a comical moment I witnessed. An insect had flown into my apartment at night and my cat Noki got a little bit wild and tried to catch it, but failed and continued sleeping. The piece’s introductory bars portray the blissful laziness of a sleepy cat and then it shifts to a faster section which represents a fluttering cricket, jumping around the annoyed cat. The cat chases the cricket, but whether she is able to catch the agitator in the end or not is left to the listener’s imagination.”Oskar Gigele

Soundpost #2

The second episode of  our podcast is again dedicated to violoncello. Here we present “Futile”- a recently composed piece by Florin Gorgos  and “Karak”, composed by Armin Sanayei in 2019. Both interpreted by our InMuAs Cellist – Namdar Majidi. 

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Soundpost #1

This is the first episode of SoundPost which is completely dedicated to the Violincello. In this episode, we will listen to a piece by Philipp Manuel Gutmann and another one by Christoph Stuhlpfarrer with the interpretation of Namdar Majidi as well as a short interview with Namdar, Philipp and Christoph where they talk about their general perspective and ideas about music.
Philipp and Christoph wrote these pieces specifically for the first SoundPost project and we hope these interviews help our audience to be more engaged with the music they listen to.
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We wish you a beautiful fall and enjoy the SoundPost!